We have been testing Managed Workspace from Avast for several months and are please announce that we now have a dedicated service plan in place that incorporates all the powerful features that this software provides.

What does it do? What doesn’t it do should be more the question!

It’s basically a 24 hour monitoring system for your PC’s and Servers. Constantly checking for problems and in some cases fixing them automatically without you even knowing. The Managed Workspace system is broken down into several parts….

Security Assessment
Real-time security assessments to measure your antivirus, Windows patches, user configuration, passwords, and network security levels.

Real-time Monitoring and Alerting
Prevent unplanned downtime, sluggish system performance, and lapsed security protocols. Any issues automatically generates a support ticket for us to look into.

Windows Patch Management

Efficiently address security vulnerabilities by reviewing, approving, and automating patch deployment keeping your company compliant and more secure.

Asset Management
Easily track your company’s assets to help control IT costs, upgrades and deployments.

Task Automation

streamline service delivery by quickly resolving common issues by running automated tasks

If you’re interested in taking your IT support to a new level please give us a call or use the Contact us form.