Content filters are hardware or software systems that restricts web traffic and websites browsing.

Many people think this is bad and often get frustrated that they can’t browse any website they like.

In the IT word we try and minimise risk to a computer network and systems. At the moment the internet is not a friendly place, sure its jammed packed with information, useful programs and utility’s but its also riddled with scammers and some very nasty software.

The scammers are very smart and the software they use is extremely clever and designed to circumnavigate defenses on you PC.

The best way to stop all this is to deny access to suspect websites. Content filters usually have categories like gambling, shopping, adult etc.

These sites are the target for scammers to hide their malicious software. It’s  pretty simple to block access to these sites or groups of sites.

The second benefit is your internet usage. We get many calls reporting slow internet which is very frustrating for remote sites or people working from home-only to find out Jim in accounts is watching Sky sports and Jayne the secretary has the internet radio playing on her PC.

Personally, after antivirus products a content filter is the next best defense for you network, get something in place asap!