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SSD's what the hell are those..?

It's a  hard drive but a very fast one! A "normal" hard drive consists of spinning disks and arms (think record player). Whenever you want to access a program or open a file (a document) the disk spins, the arms move, it finds the relavent bit of information then reads it for your computer to digest and display it on your screen. Cool.. But this takes a bit of time. The faster the disk turns (7200rpm generally) the faster it will read the information.

SSD hard drive upgrades

So, what if there was no spinning, no moving arms and no moving parts? That would be better and faster wouldn't it? Well it is, SSD (solid state drives) are much faster, a normal spinning drive can read data at approx. 80 MB per second, (audio CD's are 650 MB to give it context), SSD's can read five times faster (and in some cases even faster). As the price tumbles and the capacity of the drives increase (the main stumbling point of SSD's) it really is becoming the upgrade of the century. Give us a call for a quote.